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"This should be considered mandatory reading for all young adults who are navigating romantic relationships. It should also be read by their parents and older adults, so they are educated about this issue and able to provide good evidence-based advice to the young people in their lives. "

-Whitney, Amazon Review for Pumpkins at Midnight: A Woman's Guide to Love, Dating, and Relationships in the Age of Porn

We have courses and books designed to help you understand potential problems associated with sexual behaviors and pornography use. We help people move from feeling that their behaviors dictate their lives to taking back autonomy and making choices to live according to their personal values.

Practical Tools & Language

Our courses and workbooks are designed to provide tools you can immediately use to improve your healing process, help you align your behaviors with your values, and increase the quality of your relationships.

Learning On The Go

You can use this content to supplement your own personal therapy or use it as a starting point to begin your healing process. Access content anytime, from anywhere you have internet access.

Professional Help

Dr. Moore created courses and workbooks based in years of experience and training. His work with hundreds of couples helped shape the lesson and video content.

Hi, I’m Adam.

I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist, podcast host and guest, workshop presenter, author, course creator, business owner, trainer, and clinical supervisor. I'm taking two decades of experience in mental health, and creating content to help supplement therapy or create a great starting point for people who want to align their sexual values with their behavior.