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Dr. Adam Moore and Daniel Solen have condensed months of recovery education and therapy assignments into this intensive workbook. This workbook includes powerful tools for recovery that were previously shared only in face-to-face counseling sessions–now organized into a recovery primer for people recovering from problematic sexual behaviors. The wealth of information is valuable for those who are new to recovery as well as for those who want to get back to the fundamentals of recovery.

This workbook includes nearly 90 pages packed with content and assignments that get at the heart of the most important steps in a recovery process from a therapeutic approach to healing.

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Are you stuck in a cycle of compulsive sexual behaviors?

Dr. Adam Moore and Daniel Solen, CMHC have synthesized months of therapy education and assignments into an easy-to-follow, in-depth look into what really works in recovery.

The content of this workbook has previously been available only to face-to-face therapy clients, but can now be used by anyone who wants to take their recovery more seriously and break down walls that have kept them stuck in their patterns of unhealthy coping with sex.

Whether you are single, married, or dating, this workbook has the tools you need to not only improve your recovery efforts but also rebuild trust again in your damaged relationships.

This workbook can be used by either men or women who struggle with compulsive sexual behaviors.

Parents can use this workbook to guide their teens or young adult children through a structured learning process. The assignments are meant to be shared with others to create a recovery based in accountability.

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Have you ever felt that you were working hard on your recovery, but that the people in your life just couldn’t tell the difference?

Maybe you've felt like no matter how hard you work, people in your life don't feel like you're making progress in healing or recovery. The assignments in this workbook create tangible signs of growth and progress. We've found this to be immensely helpful for people in recovery from compulsive sexual behaviors when they others to share in their process and see progress in their healing.

This workbook will guide you through the following processes and assignments...

  • Identifying ways in which your behaviors may or may not line up with the key criteria of addiction
  • Mapping out your cycle so you an successfully intervene
  • Identifying your permission-giving stories (denial) and tying them to other areas of life
  • Guiding you through best practices of daily accountability
  • Recognizing your triggers and learning the best ways to respond to them
  • Keeping your recovery slips from turning into relapses
  • Sharing your triggers and slips with a spouse or partner–in the healthiest way possible
  • Practicing practical ways to rebuild trust in relationships damaged by your behaviors

And more…

For the cost of only a handful of minutes in a therapists’ office, you have the combined wisdom and experience of two experts in the addiction recovery field at your fingertips–nearly 90 pages of content. Access the powerful education and assignments that have helped hundreds of people onto the road of recovery.

The Recovery Workbook received a full update in 2020 to clarify existing content and improve readability. In addition, 80+ minutes of new video content were created by authors Dr. Adam Moore and Dan Solen, providing additional therapeutic insight for workbook purchasers.