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This course will help people with problematic sexual behaviors who want change in their lives. These behaviors might include compulsive pornography use, irresponsible sex with others, and other related behaviors. For a person trying to create change in their lives, a "trigger" is anything that starts an old pattern, putting them in danger of falling back into old sexual habits. Participants will learn to identify triggers in recovery, use triggers as information useful in helping prevent slips or relapses, and minimize the damage often caused to relationships by slips and relapses.

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In recovery from problematic sexual behaviors, both those recovering and their partners will experience triggers.

Both are also at risk for slipping or relapsing into their own set of unhealthy coping behaviors. This course is designed to help both people to learn about the nature of triggers, slips, and relapses as they relate to their own recovery.

Participants will learn how to identify their own triggers and how to healthily address them. Participants will also learn to prevent triggers and slips from becoming relapses. Specific examples are given to facilitate honesty in relationships about recovery, helping minimize conflict around these issues.

Dr. Moore answers dozens of specific questions that commonly come up regarding these topics and provides several helpful metaphors to use when discussing these issues with others.This course features:

  • Over two hours of prerecorded video content by Dr. Adam M. Moore
  • Ability to complete the course at your own pace, using your computer or mobile device

This course requires a high-speed internet connection

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